Position Papers

We are excited to accept this range of position papers:

Max Dovey (Institute of Network Cultures). Re-designing the Liberty Machine: The role of cybernetics and theatre as a model for critical engagement with blockchain technology.

Chris Elsden, John Vines (Northumbria University). Speculative Approaches to Understanding DAOs.

Anton Fedosov, Lucas Pennati (Università della Svizzera italiana), William Odom (Simon Fraser University), Marc Langheinrich (Università della Svizzera italiana). Towards Digitally Encoded Experiences with Real-World Artifacts. 

Hector Michael Fried (University of Edinburgh). Design and Research in and around Value Interactions: Understanding the How and Why of Value Transactions. 

Fabrizio Gesuelli (University of Edinburgh). Decentralized Social Inclusion: tʌɪt, Homelessness and St Peter’s Square.

Duncan Hay (UCL). Exploring Value Exchange through the use of Geolocated Conversational Agents. 

Eleni Margariti, Tolulope Onabolu (i-Habit.at). Decentralized Autonomous Housing. 

Razvan Nicolescu (Imperial College). Emerging Regimes of Value in Distributed Autonomous Organisations. 

John Rooksby, Kristiyan Dimitrov (University of Glasgow). Trustless Education? A Blockchain System for University Grades. 

Virpi Roto (Aalto University), Marikka Heikkilä (University of Turku). Design for Value in a Digital Supply Chain Ecosystem.